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Clean Air Vehicles – '''future feature''' These vehicles meet the requirements for low emissions for the state that the person is operating the vehicle. The vehicles are normally either a hybrid or electric or natural gas vehicle. '''Note''' some states require special permits or license plates to qualify.
===Toll attribute===[[File:Toll_attribute_box_checked.PNG|center|500px|border]]The toll attribute has moved from under the road segment name to the first page of a Time Based Restriction. It is in the bottom left corner.Mark a road segment as a toll segment only if the segment is an entrance to a road where there is a toll booth, transponder reader, or other tolling device. See [[User:Subs5/Toll_road|Toll road]] for additional information. ===Nearby HOV Attributeattribute===
*The Nearby HOV attribute is a check box that is used for designating roads that close to the HOV lane so that Waze’s algorithm can differentiate between the varying speeds