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How to map HOV lane segments
===How to map HOV lane segments===
There are four types of HOV lanes
#Whole road is HOV and there is no parallel path for non-HOV drivers
#HOV lane that is part of the road and can be accessed or exited at any time (dashed line separation)
#HOV lane that is part of the road but can only be accessed or exited at certain places (double solid line or flexible barriers)
#HOV lane that is physically separated from the rest of the road by a wall, cement barrier, or land (separate parallel segment)
====Whole road HOV====
All travel is HOV only on the road. Non-HOV travel on adjacent parallel path (lane or segment) is not available. Example is I-66 inside the beltway in Northern Virginia; morning rush hour traffic is HOV-2+ only for eastbound traffic.
# Select the applicable road segment(s)
# Click the "Add restrictions" button
# First restriction popup screen appears [[File:Restriction_first_popup.PNG‎|center|500px|border]]
# Select the appropriate direction (A>B, B>A, or TWO WAY) on the popup screen
# Second restriction popup screen appears [[File:I-66E_AM_HOV.PNG‎|center|500px|border]]
## Select 'Entire Segment' and 'HOV' for the "Applies to" section
## Select appropriate days of the week for the "Days" section
## Select 'all day' or enter the appropriate hours for the "Hours" section
## Select 'Every week' (nominally) for the "Applies" section
## Ensure 'allowed' is selected in the "Driving is _____ for" section header
## Click the green '+' sign to add a requirement
## Drop down for 'Vehicle type', 'Minimum passengers', and 'Requires a pass' appears
## Select 'Minimum passengers'
## Green restriction bar for 'Any vehicle with Min. 2 passengers' appears
## If HOV requirement is for 2 or more passengers then go to step xx
## If HOV is for >3 or more passengers in vehicle, then Click the 'Min. 2 passengers'
### Drop down for 'Min. 3 passengers' and 'Min. 4 passengers' appears
### Select appropriate number of passengers
## If a transponder is required for the HOV lane, then click the green '+' sign to add requirement
## Drop down for 'Vehicle type' and 'Requires a pass' appears
## Select 'Requires a pass'
## Green restriction for Sunpass appears
## If required transponder is Sunpass, then go to step yy
## If required transponder is not Sunpass, then click 'Sunpass'
### Drop down menu appears with available transponders
### Select appropriate transponder
## Click 'Add' button in bottom right corner
## Click save icon on the light blue waze bar
====Dashed line separation====
*HOV lanes that can be accessed or exited the entire time since drivers can cross the dashed line
separations at any time. Usually the lane with be noted with the white triangle painted on the road way and have regulatory signs on the shoulder.
shore transition areas where vehicles can merge from HOV lanes to regular lanes or from the regular lanes to the HOV lanes.
*There are two types of situations with the HOV dashed line separation:
*#Continual dashed line for the entire HOV lane. HOV vehicles can enter or exit at any location on the HOV lane
*#Transition zones, where there is a limited are for entering or leaving the HOV lane
*'''Mapping continual dashed line HOV lanes'''
*#Current guidance in forum is to map the HOV lane on the regular road segment
*#Follow restriction guidance for combined segment HOV and regular traffic in different lanes below
*'''Mapping transition zone dashed line HOV lanes'''
**Current forum guidance: This requires a merge ramp from HOV to the regular lanes and a merge ramp back to the HOV lanes. Be sure to have each ramp labeled so that people know when to get into the regular lanes and the HOV lanes. This configuration does cause problems with excess commands for people already on the HOV lane and staying on the HOV lane. Insert picture of an example
**Possible guidance;
**# Have separate parallel segments for the HOV and regular lanes the entire length of the HOV lanes
**# Add ramps to make a V entrance/exit to HOV lanes
*** a) Add a ramp with '''to HOV''' coming from the regular lanes to the start of the transition area (Prompts user to enter the HOV lane)
*** b) Add a ramp with '''to return to regular [Road name/Route number]''' (Prompts user to exit HOV lane either for upcoming exit or if traffic is faster in regular lanes)
**# Add another V entrance/exit ramps at the end of the transition zone if the zone is over 0.5 miles/xxxx meters long
**# For very long transition zone, V entrance/exit ramps can be added every 0.5 miles/xxxx meters
====Separated HOV lane====