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Access/Exit allowed only in certain places HOV
====Access/Exit allowed only in certain places HOV====
*#Separated by solid or double solid lines from the normal lanes with periodic transition areas. [[File:US-50_E_double_solid_line.PNG|right|250px|border]]Non-HOV travel is available on an adjacent parallel path (lane or segment). Waze will only route on this road if the person acknowledges that they meet the HOV requirement for this trip. Example is '''need location with this set up'''.
'''Bottom line up front: separate road segment(s) for whole road HOV with transition area to/from regular lanes using ramps'''[[File:Restriction_first_popup.PNG‎|right|250px|border]]
To be added later# Select the applicable road segment(s)# Click the '''Add restrictions''' button# First restriction popup screen appears # Select the appropriate direction (A>B or B>A) on the popup screen # Second restriction popup screen appears[[File:I-66E_AM_HOV.PNG‎|right|200px|border]]# Select '''Entire Segment''' and '''HOV''' for the '''Applies to'" section# Select appropriate days of the week for the '''Days''' section# Select '''all day''' or enter the appropriate hours for the '''Hours''' section# Select '''Every week''' (nominally) for the '''Applies''' section# Ensure '''allowed''' is selected in the '''Driving is _____ for''' section header# Click the green '''+''' sign to add a requirement# Drop down for '''Vehicle type''', '''Minimum passengers''', and '''Requires a pass''' appears# Select '''Minimum passengers'''# Green restriction bar for '''Any vehicle with Min.2 passengers''' appears# If HOV requirement is for 2 or more passengers then go to step 19 # If HOV is for >3 or more passengers in vehicle, then Click the '''Min.2 passengers''' [[File:Min_3_or_4_passengers.PNG‎|right|250px|border]]# Drop down for '''Min.3 passengers''' and '''Min.4 passengers''' appears# Select appropriate number of passengers# Click '''Add''' button in bottom right corner# Click save '''computer disk''' icon on the light blue waze bar {{mbox|type=important|text= '''Note''' even if HOV lanes allow motorcycles, that does not need to be mapped since motorcycle is not an allowed vehicle type for Waze routing.The motorcycle user should just indicate that they meet the HOV requirement(s).}}
Transition Periods
====Separated HOV lane====