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Where to mark toll segments
{{mbox|type=important|text= '''Note''' Waze assigns a large penalty for each road segment marked with a toll restriction if a user has avoid toll roads selected. Marking each toll booth/transponder for segment helps to route the user off at the nearest exit if the user has selected avoid tolls but allows them to take a short toll road if only reasonable route.}}
For each segment that is =====Adding HOT/Express Lanelane restrictions=====*Set up the HOV restrictions following the instructions for HOV above [Note do we want to link to above or repeat steps a drop down?]{{mbox|type=important|text= '''Remember''' The toll attribute check box for the toll attribute moved to the first pop up for TBSRs from under the segment's road type.}}
#Select '''Add restrictions''' (Time Based Segment Restrictions) on the left panel when the segment is selected
#If applicable, check the toll road attribute in the bottom left corner of the popup box [[File:Toll_attribute_box_checked.PNG‎|center|500px|border]]
#Select '''subscription'' by clicking the '''+''' on the green add restriction banner and a drop down menu will appear [[File:Subscription_dropdown.PNG|center|500px|border]]
#Select applicable transponder company by clicking the '''Sunpass''' and a drop down menu will appear with all available companies
# Click '''Add''' button in bottom right corner
# Click save '''computer disk''' icon on the light blue waze bar
====Dashed line separation HOV====