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Limited enter/exit (transition zone) HOV / Separate segment HOV / Whole road HOV
To mark a segment for HOV use including the required number of passengers:
# Select the applicable road segment(s).# Click the '''Add restrictions''' button# First restriction popup screen appears[[File:Restriction_first_popupin the side panel.PNG‎|center|250px|border]] # If no toll is required for HOV, then skip to step 6# If a toll is required for HOV all vehicles, then select check the '''toll attributeroad''' attribute check box in the bottom left corner (ex. I-93 N's HOV / Express to Airport / S Station in Boston, MA)# Select Click '''Add new''' below the appropriate direction ('''A>B''', '''B>A''', or '''TWO WAY''') on the popup screen:[[File:Restriction_first_popup.PNG‎|center|250px|border]] # Click the The '''applyadd restrictions''' button in the bottom right corner# Second restriction popup screen dialog box appears:[[File:I-66E_AM_HOV.PNG‎|center|200px|border]]# Select '''Entire segment''' in the '''Applies to''' section : [[File:Applies_to_box.PNG|center|500px|border]]# Select '''HOV''' in the '''Applies to''' section.# Select appropriate '''Days''', and '''Hours'''for time-based HOV lanes, and or leave '''Every weekall day''' [Note can enter a date range, but probably not used checked for 24-hour HOV] lanes. # Ensure that '''Driving is _____ for'''# If '''toll attributeEvery week''' is already selected, then skip to step 16# Remember toll attribute must not (except in the rare case that future HOV schedule changes might be selected to be able to properly save a toll free TBSRplanned). # Select Select '''toll freeallowed''' if free  in Driving is _____ for HOV vehicles.[[File:Driving_is_allowed_for.PNG|center|500px|border]]#Select Add the HOV allowance by clicking the '''Minimum passengers+''' by clicking  button on the green banner, then clicking '''+Minimum passengers''' on  in the green add restriction banner and a drop down menu will appear.[[File:Requires Pass Veh Type Min Pass.PNG|center|500px|border]]# The HOV allowance will default to '''At least 2 passengers''' is added:[[File:Num_passengers_dropdown.PNG|center|500px|border]]# Select number of passengers required If the HOV lane requires more than 2 persons, change the requirement by clicking the '''At least 2 passengers''' and a selecting the appropriate option in the drop -down menu will appear with selections for ('''At least 3 (passengers '''or '''At least 4) passengers''').
# If toll free, then skip to step 24
# Click the '''+''' again while remaining on the same restriction as the number of passengers to select '''Requires a pass'''