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# Select appropriate '''Days''', '''Hours''', and '''Every week''' [Note every week can be a date range but probably not used for HOV]
# '''Driving is _____ for'''[[File:Driving_is_allowed_for.PNG|center|500px|border]]
# If '''toll attribute''' is already selected, then skip to step 16# Select '''toll freeallowed''' for HOV vehicles; if free for HOV vehicles# Remember then toll attribute must should not be selected to be able to properly save a toll free TBSRabove
# Select '''Minimum passengers''' by clicking the '''+''' on the green add restriction banner and a drop down menu will appear [[File:Requires Pass Veh Type Min Pass.PNG|center|500px|border]]
# '''At least 2 passengers''' is added[[File:Num_passengers_dropdown.PNG|center|500px|border]]