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When users search in the Waze app for a destination by its street address, the address field in Public Place (PP) objects (both point and area, regardless of category) is not searched. Those fields are for display only to allow users who search by a place name to select the correct entry (such as a search for McDonald’s might return many results). Thus, we have to take a different tactic for users who search by the street address of their destination.
The “standard” solution for these searches is the use of a HN. However, HNs have one major limitation: they must terminate on a segment of the same name as the one they were created on. Thus, routes to a HN for 123 Main St '''must terminate at a point on Main St.''' A HN cannot terminate on an unnamed PLR segment or anywhere else. If routing directions ought to lead to a point other than the named segment, then a HN is not the right solution.
Adding a RPP solves the problem because it can terminate on any segment, regardless of name. They should be used in conjunction with the named Public Place.