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===== Restricted areas (border control point, military base) =====
When the [[best continuation|'''best continuation''']] ''' is to a restricted area''', add a Continue TIO, paired with a wayfindernamed stub segment if necessary, to let users know they will be now entering a restricted area.
===== Toll =====
When the [[best continuation|'''best continuation''']] ''' is tolled''', marked or unmarked (toll roads, bridges, paid entrances into large areas, etc.), add a Continue TIO, paired with a wayfindernamed stub segment if necessary. For [[wikipedia:Barrier_toll_system|barrier-toll systems]], only at the beginning of the toll area.
==== Setting context in the instruction list ====
===== Terminus of a freeway =====
When the Where a [[best continuationfreeway|'''freeway''']] are the termini of ''' ends with a [[freewaybest continuation]]onto another freeway''', add a Continue TIO to indicate the name of the continuing road.
When possible, do this at a point where the user can use this TIO to make a mental confirmation.
If the continuing freeway is ''signed before the terminiterminus'', place the TIO at the last exit, similar to how a [[wayfinder]] is set up today.
If it ''isn't '' signed, place the TIO where the freeway merges into the next freeway.
Consult with your state manager if the freeway status changes frequently or gradualgradually, or if the freeway itself is insignificant. There could be multiple options as to what would be the best spot for a TIO, or if it one is needed at all.{{clear}}[[File:TIO Continue Fwy2Fwy.PNG|thumb|[ Here], US-50 W ends. The Wazer can either take Exit 1A to I-80 E, or continue straight to I-80 W, as signed. Add a Continue TIO here with a stub segment for "to I-80 W / San Francisco".]][[File:TIO unsigned merge.png|thumb|There's no sign on I-505 N that says I-5 N. Add the TIO at the merge point where the user must merge onto I-5.|left]]{{clear}}
===== On-ramp to a freeway =====
When the best continuation from a road (including off-ramps, parking lot roads, and [[rest areas]]) '''is an on-ramp to a freeway or expressway''', add a continue TIO.{{clear}}
===== Continuing from an off-ramp =====
Use a Continue TIO when the '''name of the best continuation off at the end of a ramp is not immediately obvious'''. Here are two scenarios that it's not immediately obvious:
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==== Supplement a wayfinder ====
Because controlling the turn angles in Waze will never produce a continue instruction, a Continue TIO must be set in places '''where a wayfinder is warranted for a particular direction, but "keep" or "exit" would be misleading'''.
Add a continue TIO when: