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Pennsylvania/Mapraid Basemap

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Do Not Mass-Edit
=== Do Not Mass-Edit ===
'''Please DO NOT perform edits that affect large numbers of segments at once. We want to be able to see how URs and other problems got resolved. Mass edits can Those who cause issues by mass editing the map may be done at removed from the end of the map raid, blocked from future mapraids or possible ban from editing.'''<!-- add any important information important to the raid here -->
<!-- keep this list short. link to other pages where possible.-->
===UR Timeframe===
We will follow the [[Update_Requests_in_Waze_Map_Editor#The_resolution_process_.2F_Etiquette|usual US UR etiquette]] with one exception: we wait for only 4 days to remind URs and 4 days after the reminder to close the UR. Do not close URs if the UR contains [TAG], check with the editor who placed the tag.