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The toll attribute has moved from under the road segment name to the first popup page of a Time Based Segment Restriction (TBSR). It is in the bottom left corner of the first TBSR popup window.
[[File:New toll.PNG|right|150px|border]]Mark a road segment as a toll segment only if the segment has a toll booth, transponder reader, or other tolling deviceand if no vehicles travel as toll free on that segment. See [[User:Subs5/Toll_road|Toll road]] for additional information.
Two There are two ways to mark toll:# Toll attribute in bottom left corner of the first TBSR popupwindow# Toll free restriction is enabled in second TBSR popupwindow
{{mbox|type=important|text= '''Note''' if there is not a restriction then '''Add restrictions''' is shown; if there are TBSRs then '''Edit restrictions (#)''' is shown.}}
* Once a segment is selected marked as a having the toll segmentattribute on the first TBSR popup window, the toll attribute is displayed under the road segment name. You have to go to the TBSR to deselect the attribute. Additionally the toll free restrictions can not be added if the segment is marked with the toll attribute.
* If at least one restriction is marked toll free, then it is assumed that all other vehicles not meeting the toll free requirements has to pay a toll.