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*The '''Next to carpool/HOV/bus lane''' attribute is under the road type selection when a segment is selected
*'''DO NOT SELECT''' this attribute on the actual HOV road segments. Especially for road segments that have regular and HOV lanes on the same segment. (i.e. the segment has an HOV in left or right lane that is separated by dashed line.)
*Ensure Select the Next to carpool/HOV/bus lane attribute is selected on all parallel road segments going the same direction as the HOV traffic that are within (XXX feet) of an HOV segment. '''Note subs5 find out if ramps also need to be designated'''
{{mbox|type=important|text= '''Note''' for reversible HOV lanes there may be road segments on both sides of the HOV lane that require the Next to carpool/HOV/bus lane attribute to be checked.}}