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====Limited enter/exit (transition zone) HOV====
*Separated by solid or double solid lines from the normal lanes with periodic transition zones. Note for areas where it is legal to cross the single solid white line refer to Enter/exit anywhere HOV section above.[[File:US-50_E_double_solid_line.PNG|right|250px|border]]Non-HOV travel is available on an adjacent parallel path (lane or segment). Waze will only route on this road if the person acknowledges that they meet the HOV requirement for this trip. Example is '''need location with When HOV routes are available they will see this set up'''display.[[File:HOV_ROUTES.PNG|center|250px|border]]
The user then would select a route that designates how many passengers are required.
'''Bottom line up front: separate road segment(s) for the HOV with transition zone to/from regular lanes using ramps'''