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=====Where to mark toll segments=====
# Mark a road segment with a toll free restriction only if along the segment has a entire path of toll booth, transponder reader, or other tolling devicefree travel; this is required for it to work properly# Marking a segment as toll free makes the segment act as a toll for all other users (even though tollattribute is not checked)# Do not mark the toll attribute; which would prohibit adding a toll free restriction # Non-toll collecting segments should not have the the toll free restriction# Normally one does not mark the final toll booth, transponder reader, or other tolling device for toll free. Mark this final segment if it is the '''only segment''' marked toll free for at least one route on the toll road. {{mbox|type=important|text= '''Note''' Waze assigns a large penalty for each road segment that is assumed to collect tolls if a user has avoid toll roads selected. Marking each toll booth/transponder for applicable segments helps to route the user off at the nearest exit if the user selected avoid tolls but allows them to take a short toll road if it is the only reasonable route.}}
=====Adding HOT/Express lane restrictions=====