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Normally the HOV vehicle is allowed to use the lane for free while other vehicles have to pay a toll. The toll rate can be variable with surge pricing to control the number of vehicles that are not HOV on the road. Therefore this is setting up '''or''' statements. A vehicle can use the road for free if meeting the HOV requirements ''or'' the vehicle has to pay a toll.
=====Where to mark toll free / toll segments=====
# Mark a road segment with a toll free restriction along the entire path of toll free travel; this is required for it to work properly
# Marking a segment as toll free makes the segment act as a toll for all other users (even though toll attribute is not checked)
# Do not mark the toll attribute; which would prohibit adding a toll free restriction
# If the HOV has to pay a toll then only select the toll attribute on the segments with a toll booth or transponder; other segments are not marked.
=====Adding HOT/Express lane restrictions=====