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# Select '''Allowed''' on the '''Driving is ____ for''' section
# Note ALL vehicles that are '''Toll free''' MUST be listed in the '''Allowed''' section too. Vehicles that are not listed in the Allowed section will not be routed onto the segment.
# Select '''Requires a pass''' by clicking the '''+''' on the green add restriction banner and a drop down menu will appear '''note to subs5 change picture'''[[File:HOT requires pass.PNG|center|500px|border]]# Select applicable transponder company by clicking the '''Sunpass''' and a drop down menu will appear with all available companies'''note to subs5 change picture'''[[File:HOT_Req_Pass_Dropdown.PNG|center|500px|border]]
# Click '''Add''' button in bottom right corner
# Click '''Save''' icon on the light blue waze bar