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Waze Turn Instructions and When, Why They Occur
====<u>Waze Turn Instructions and When, Why They Occur</u>====
<b>sketch </b> (6)-9/21/2017 at 9:26 PM – Waze USA Server, TTS Channel
So, there are a maximum of 4 prompts and a minimum of 1 (really 0)<br />
That’s everything ASSUMING there isn’t a “then”<br />
<b>enembee (5)</b>
And if there’s a “then”?
<b>sketch (6) </b>
okay fine
<b>RonRover (5)</b>
For the decision on the 2nd prompt is 93MPH correct?
Sketch <b>sketch (6)</b>
The speed thresholds of the 2nd prompt are 150 km/h (93 mph), 90 km/h (55 mph), 70 km/h (44 mph)
<b>voludu2 (5) CM</b>
In my case, this happens, for example, here:
route #1, approaching the "keep right" (which is actually an exit right in the app)
<b>voludu2 (5) CM-</b>
At half a mile it said "In half a mile exit to Pottstown pike"
When I got there, it told me to exit right
<b>sketch (6)-</b>
So yeah the 1st prompt doesn’t include the direction for an “exit” for some reason,
maybe because it dates to the time when there was no such thing as an off-side “exit”.
Before TIO , exit always meant exit right in the US.
Another thing about the first prompt, if it’s between 1 and ¼ mile to the next turn, it rounds to the nearest quarter mile.
You have 0.79 miles between movement and by the time the 5 or 10 seconds have passed since the previous turn, it’s too late for ¾ mile, so you get the first prompt at half a mile.
That’s a design flaw now so I will see if I can get it fixed.