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A '''wayfinder''' is a junction that instructs users on a certain road how to continue on that same road, in situations where it may be beneficial to have such an instructionunclear, and there would otherwise be no instruction. Most wayfinders use short or "stub" segments (known as wayfinder segments) to specify instructions, and some use [[turn instruction override]]s as well. This page will explain the criteria, configuration and different use cases of wayfinders to give keep, exit or continue instructions.
==== Configuration ====
Multiple methods exist for forcing instructions on highway continuations, such as matching the road type of both outgoing segments even where it creates a discontinuity or falsely using an alternate name on the non-continuation side to match the continuation side. Since Waze editors have the ability to create turn instruction overrides, the preferred approach is to use correct road types and alternate names, stubs named to match signage and turn instruction overrides where necessary.
* Each "stub" segment should be {{:Segment length/Minimum}} long. This is long enough so it will not cause routing problems, but it is short enough to suppress display of the names (on Freeway stubs) and keep freeways looking contiguous (on Ramp stubs).
* The OUT ''out'' segments should have a ''turn angle'' of 10°-15° off of the mid-line on opposite sides of each other, consistent with [[Junction_Style_Guide/Interchanges#Freeway_split_geometry|the geometry for freeway forks]]. This will allow for easy identification in WME, but still look seamless in the client app.
To configure the wayfinder,
* If the numbered/signed exit is on the '''right''', the OUT segments should be {{Ramp}} type. This will give an "exit right" instruction for the exit and a "stay to the left" instruction for the continuation. : ** For an [[Junction Style Guide/Interchanges#Exits|exit]], use a keep left TIO into a named Ramp freeway stub for the continuation, and a standard Ramp ramp for the exit.** For a [[Junction Style Guide/Interchanges#Freeway.2Fhighway splits|freeway fork]], use a Ramp named freeway stub on both sideswith an exit right TIO on the right side, unless "keep right" seems more appropriate for the numbered exit.* If the numbered/signed exit is on the '''left''', the OUT segments type should be the same as {{Road|style=background-color: #fbe73f;|the IN segment}}, in the following examples we will use the {{Freeway}} type. This will give "stay to the" instructions on both sides (if {{Ramp}} segments were used, Waze would give a confusing "exit right" instruction for the continuation).** For a basic an [[Junction Style Guide/Interchanges#Exits|exit]], use a named Freeway highway stub of the same type as the in segment for the continuation, and an unnamed Freeway stub "exit left" TIO for the exit followed by a named Ramp for the exitramp.** For a [[Junction Style Guide/Interchanges#Freeway.2Fhighway splits|freeway fork]], use named Freeway highway stubs on both sides, and use an "exit left" TIO on the left side, unless "keep left" seems more appropriate for the numbered exit.
<div style="font-size:smaller">
| Right
| Exit| '''Continuation side'''<br/>"keep left" TIO → {{RampFreeway|Named Ramp Fwy stub=}} → {{Freeway|Named Fwy}}
| '''Exit side'''<br/>{{Ramp|Named Ramp}}
| [[File:RightExitRamp.png|191px]]
| Right
| Fwy fork
| '''Continuation side'''<br/>{{RampFreeway|Named Ramp Fwy stub=}} → {{Freeway|Named Fwy}}| '''Exit side'''<br/>"exit right" TIO (where appropriate) →{{RampFreeway|Named Ramp Fwy stub=}} → {{Freeway|Named Fwy}}
| [[File:RightExitSplit.png|191px]]
| Left
| Exit
| '''Exit side'''<br/>"exit left" TIO →{{Ramp|Named Ramp}} with "exit left" TIO| '''Continuation side'''<br/>"keep right" TIO →{{Freeway|Named Fwy stub}} → {{Freeway|Named Fwy}}
| [[File:LeftExitRamp.png|189px]]
| Left
| Fwy fork
| '''Exit side'''<br/>"exit left" TIO (where appropriate) →{{Freeway|Named Fwy stub}} → {{Freeway|Named Fwy}}
| '''Continuation side'''<br/>{{Freeway|Named Fwy stub}} → {{Freeway|Named Fwy}}
| [[File:LeftExitSplit.png|191px]]