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{{mbox|type=important|text= '''Note''' - '''ALL''' segments need to have the HOV/HOT/Express restrictions marked. This is required for the HOV algorithm to work. Do not just mark the entrance segment. Follow current guidance for mapping toll segments only where there is a toll booth, toll transponder, or other collection device. If there is any toll free travel then '''ALL''' segments need the toll free restriction. The HOV/HOT/Express/Bus/etc will be used for voice prompts in the app soon. It is best to have them all the same; make sure that none is not inadvertently selected since that will adversely affect routing.}}
{{mbox|type=important|text= '''Note''' Restrictions for Toll free/Allowed/Prohibited are treated as AND conditions when comparing the separate lines on the first popup window. Within in a single restriction type on the second popup window, the various restrictions are treated as OR conditions. So saying that private vehicles with HOV-2+ and taxis are allowed will route either type of conditions to be routed vehicle '''IF''' in the same restriction (on the second popup window). If they are entered as two separate restrictions on the first popup window then nothing will be routed since you have to simultaneously be both a private vehicle with HOV-2+ and a taxi; this is not possible.If something is an allowed restriction then only that type of condition(s) can pass on the road, all others are considered to be prohibitedDo not use conflicting restrictions - ex all vehicles with Sunpass are allowed but taxis are prohibited. A taxi can have a Sunpass and the algorithm is not set up to have a precedence yet, so improper routing can happen.}}
====Enter/exit anywhere HOV====