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<code>!autoreplies add server testing This is a test.</code>
<code>!autoreplies remove global anothertest This is another test.</code>
====Available autoreplies====
==== Regular Expressions ====
Regular expression keywords are supported. To use them, create a keyword as normal but wrap your regex in <code>/</code>. For example, <code>!keyword add /.*/</code>. Note that regex keywords are case-insensitive sensitive by default. Special regex identifiers like <code>\W</code> will retain their meaning, but matches will ignore case. To make them case-sensitiveinsensitive, you can add a keyword with the normal regex format but append <code>si</code> to the end: <code>!keyword add /.*/si</code>. Special identifiers like <code>\W</code>will still be preserved.
==== List keywords ====