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** <u>Establish Baseline</u>
*** Update segments with unknown direction/clearly-incorrect names (segments from initial basemap import are very common in rural portions of the region even to this day)
*** Implement proper [[Road_types|Road type]] selection for all updated segments based on national guidance*** Ensure all updated segments are locked to minimum lock level appropriate for their segment type
** <u>Regular Upkeep</u>
*** <u>UR/MP Management</u>: perform frequent, regular User Report/Map Problem passes over their entire area in accordance with the MAR UR Policy
==== MAR LAM Application Process ====
* '''Prerequisites''':
** Editor must be an active MAR[[Area_Manager | Area Manager]] for a polygon larger than PL at Zoom=0 for >a minimum of 45 days** Editor must be high performing an experienced Rank 3 or higher
** Editor should be an active and effective communicator to other editors via forums, Discord, GHO, and/or Private Messages.
If you're already a MAR Area Manager and you're interested in becoming a MAR-LAM, please contact your State Managers and discuss possibilities and MAR-LAM areas.