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Check out our [[Iowa#Mapping_resources|Mapping Resources]] for knowledge on how to use the state's map system to find Functional Classifications Standards in Iowa. From that knowledge, use [[Road types#Quick_reference_chart|this chart]] to determine how the road should be classified using the Waze Standard. Iowa follows this chart completely aside from [[Minnesota#Dirt_Roads|dirt or gravel]] roads in rural areas. This exception will be changed as soon as an unpaved road option exists in Waze.
If you have any questions about Functional Class, please use our [[Iowa#Community|Community ResoursesResources]] to reach out to gain further information.
Below is a list of the six major road types. If you click on the button of the road type, for instance [[Road types#Freeway|{{Freeway}}]], you will be directed to a Wiki section that discusses the road type further.