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==High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) ==
{{mbox|type=important|text= '''Note''' Until HOV and toll transponders are pushed to production you have to be careful to not adversely affect the production app users. If you haven't mapped the HOV lanes then probably best to just set up for HOV. If HOV lanes were already set up so that people can use HOV if they drive over the first segment then you can set it up to continue. Have the first segment set up properly using HOV allowed restriction and then add private vehicle and taxi to all the subsequent segments. If you have a toll road that only allows transponders then setting up for transponder use will prevent all production app users. Add private vehicle and taxi to all segments till transponders are pushed to production.}}
Waze has HOV routing! This feature puts Waze out in front of the other navigation systems, but we need to know how to properly configure the map for a great user routing experience. There are a lot of considerations for getting all the options properly included; warnings about bugs and some not so obvious requirements are discussed (ex. allowable restrictions need to cover all toll free restrictions). If you have questions, then please reach out to your State Manager or Regional Coordinator and we’ll get you some help.