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{{AM/Editor|clubjuggle|3|NYC Metro (mainly Manhattan), Northern NJ, Southeastern/South Central PA|Travel from near Harrisburg to NYC most weekends. Feel free to contact me for BOTG}}
{{AM/Editor|cshinn89|3|Pike county PA, northern NJ, & Orange county NY|gho=Christopher|pic=File:Avatar cshinn89.jpg|Thailand RM. Pike County AM. Former NJ Resident and Currently living in PA|badge1=sm|badge2=am|badge3=mr}}
{{AM/Editor|RodeNinja|3|Dutchess County and surrounding|badge1=mr|pic=file:Avatar RodeNinja.jpg|gho = Eric K|badge1=mr}}
{{AM/Editor|Swami07601|3|Bronx Manhattan|Bergen County NJ resident|gho=Richard}}
{{AM/Editor|Thangorodrim|3|Massachusetts, Northern CT, NY along I-90|gho=John M|pic=File:Digger_Bigger.gif}}