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=== {{@|Discord}} ===
We are transitioning to a stronger using the Discord platform for text ''(voice , and text video)'' chat, please join us here, and ask to be added to the local group if you edit in our region.
The conversations are segmented by areas, and topics. For New York state there is a general state channel, and then three local channels; #ny_state_east, #ny_state_west, and #ny_greater_nyc_li. This image indicates the general division for the local channels.
[[File:NY Discord names.jpg|thumbnail|center|NY State Discord channels<br>Click to enlarge]]
=== {{@|Google Hangouts}} ===
There are several [// '''We used to use Google Hangouts'''] heavily in this region for NY. Any editor is welcome at any of thesereal time communication. Their purpose is not to exclude, rather We have since transitioned to make discussion easier to follow. Click the links below Discord platform discussed above due to join its many more features, and technical limitations of the respective Hangout using your Google accountHangouts platform.
Statewide Hangouts:* [// NY Editors] - "Main" hangout for statewide or advanced For those who have access security issues.* [// NY Boot Camp] - Safe space for new editors to learn to get accustomed to how everything works.* [// NY Off-Topic Banter] - Silly, off-topic nonsense goes hereand can not access the discord platform, so as not please reach out to clutter one the other channels. Local Hangouts:* [// Buffalo]* [// Rochester]* [#Area Managers|state managers, and// Syracuse]* [// Capital Region & North Countryor (Assistant) Regional Coordinators]* [// Hudson Valley & Catskills]* [//hangoutsfor an alternate access through Google NYC Focus Group]
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