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{{@|Allowing median U-turns}}: New directive from staff.
==== {{@|Allowing median U-turns}} ====
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To allow median U-turns in both directions, break condition #2 by making the median segment (B) {{:Routing_penalties/U-turn_minimum|greater}} ''or longer''
To allow a double-left or doubleU-right turn through from only one direction, first setup the median segmentintersection to allow U-turns in both directions. Then, break any one of the add a [[#Preventing median Junction Box]], and restrict the prohibited U-turnsturn route. {{As of|2017}}, a rank 5 user or above conditions]]is required to install a Junction Box. For example: * To allow median {{mbox|text=Previously, unidirectional U-turns in both directions, break turn prohibition on a divided road was set up by breaking condition #2 by making 3 of the U-turn prevention mechanism through the median segment&nbsp;(B) use of a [[Glossary#mDL|micro-dogleg]]. {{:Routing_penalties/U-turn_minimumAs of|greater2017}}, Waze staff has expressed a preference that map editors use Junction Boxes in these situations.}} ''or longer''<!-- OLD INFORMATION * To allow a U-turn from only one direction, first set up U-turn prevention for both directions. Break condition #3 on the side where U-turns are allowed. Increase or decrease the angles so that the in and out segments (A and C) are [[#Checking for parallel incoming and outgoing segments|not parallel]]. A [[Glossary#mDL|micro-dogleg]] can be used to change the angle without changing the appearance of the segment. [[File:U-turn selective Uturn prevention.png|center]]-->