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Updated Naming Convention with NY - Add Description Section
; Stop Point : [[Places#Setting_the_stop_point_for_a_Place|USA Stop Point guidance]]
; Naming
: '''USA - Except New York (see below):'''::'''Full Service Post Office:''':::Primary Name: Post Office - ''[Station]'':::Alternate Name: USPS - ''[Station]''- ZIP::'''Contract Postal Unit (CPU):''':::Primary Name: Contract Postal Unit - ''[Station]'':::Alternate Name: USPS - ''[Station]''- ZIP::'''Village Post Office (VPO):''':::Primary Name: Village Post Office - ''[Station]'':::Alternate Name: USPS - ''[Station]''- ZIP:: Substitute ''[Station]'' with the official name of the station from USPS.:'''NoteNew York:''' Some states do not conform to this naming convention at this time. Please consult your state or regional wiki page (see left sidebar).::DETAILS HERE; Description: Include the first line as the City, State and Zip Code:: Ex: Tulsa, OK 74101
; Lock Level : Consult your state or regional wiki page (see left sidebar)