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; Stop Point : [[Places#Setting_the_stop_point_for_a_Place|USA Stop Point guidance]]
; Naming
: '''USA - Except New York City (see below):'''
::'''Full Service Post Office:'''
:::Primary Name: Post Office - ''[Station]''
:::Alternate Name: USPS
:::Alternate Name: ''[ZIP]''
::'''Contract Postal Unit (CPU):''':::Primary Name: Post Office - CPU ''[Station]'':::Alternate Name: USPS:::Alternate Name: Substitute ''[ZIP]''::'''Village with zip code the Post Office (VPO):''':::Primary Name: Post Office - VPO ''[Station]'':::Alternate Name: USPS:::Alternate Name: ''[ZIP]''Serves. If serves multiple, include Alt Names for each.
:: Substitute ''[Station]'' with the official name of the station from USPS.
:: Substitute ''[ZIP]'Note:' with zip code '' If USPS denotes the Station as a VPO (Virtual Post Office Serves. If serves multiple) or CPU (Contract Postal Unit) in the ''Station'' name, please make sure to include Alt Names for eachthat in the name above.(Example: ''Post Office - CPU Fordham University''):'''New YorkCity:'''
; Description