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<noinclude>This page is the source for naming guidance of official USPS Post Offices in the NYC area. It is transcluded in the [[New York#Places|Places section of the NY wiki page]], and in the national Post offices page. Please see those pages for more complete context and guidance.<br /><br /></noinclude>'''{{u|USPS:}}''' Start the name with "Post Office" and the zip code, if there is a station specific name, put that after the zip code separated by a hyphen (-). ''Include "CPU" or "VPO" if they are listed in the name by the USPS.''<br>Examples:
**'''"Post Office 10001 - James A Farley"'''
**'''"Post Office 10458 - CPU Fordham University"'''
**'''"Post Office 10469"'''
**'''"Post Office 11213 - St John's Pl"'''