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Places/Main: move post office text to subage for national transclusion
**'''"PS-113 - George Montgomery ES"'''
**'''"HS-72 - Abraham Lincoln HS"'''
*'''{{u|USPS:{{ROOTPAGENAME}}/Post_offices}}''' Start the name with "Post Office" and the zip code, if there is a station specific name, put that after the zip code separated by a hyphen (-). <br>Examples:**'''"Post Office 10001 - James A Farley"'''**'''"Post Office 10469"'''**'''"Post Office 11213 - St John's Pl"'''
*'''{{u|US VA Hospitals and Centers:}}''' Should be named with their official name as the primary name. ''For VA hospitals "(US Veterans Only)" should be added to the end of the primary name, and as the first line of the description.'' In the primary name "<code>VA</code>" should be expanded as "<code>Veterans Affairs</code>", so as not to cause a TTS conflict with Virginia. Names can be shortened to remove extraneous words, for example replace "Campus of the" from the official name with a hyphen (-). Any colloquial names should be added as alt names, so they are returned in search results, and also at the beginning of the description, so they are visible on the place preview page in the client. <br>Examples:
** The official name ''"Brooklyn Campus of the VA NY Harbor Healthcare System"'' should be modified to '''"Brooklyn Veterans Affairs - NY Harbor Healthcare System"'''