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====Enter/exit anywhere HOV====
*HOV lanes that can be accessed or exited the entire time since drivers can cross the dashed line (or some areas a single solid white line) separations at any time. Usually the lane with will be noted marked with the white triangle diamond painted on the road way roadway and have regulatory signs on the shoulder. Example is US-95 HOV in Las Vegas, NV.
[[File:HOV_Diamond_and_sign.PNG‎|left|200px|border]][[File:HOV US95 LV.PNG|200px|border]][[File:I66_E_outside_beltway.PNG‎|right|200px|border]]
'''Bottom line up front - The HOV lane is mapped on the same segment(s) as the regular lanes.'''
{{mbox|type=important|text= Remember '''DO NOT''' mark any road segment(s) with HOV lane(s) with using the 'Next to carpool/HOV/bus lane ' attribute.}}
# Map the applicable road segment(s) for the road