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→‎Entering HOV restrictions: wordsmithing formatting, corrected staff statement
{{mbox|type=important|text= '''Note''' Restrictions for Toll free/Allowed/Prohibited are treated as AND conditions when comparing the separate lines on the first popup window. Within in a single restriction type on the second popup window, the various restrictions are treated as OR conditions. So saying that private vehicles with HOV-2+ and taxis are allowed will route either type of vehicle '''IF''' in the same restriction (on the second popup window). If they are entered as two separate restrictions on the first popup window then nothing will be routed since you have to simultaneously be both a private vehicle with HOV-2+ and a taxi; this is not possible.
If something is an allowed restriction then only that type of condition(s) can pass on the road, all others are considered to be prohibited
Do not use conflicting restrictions - ex all vehicles with Sunpass are allowed but taxis are prohibited. A taxi can have a Sunpass and the algorithm is not set up to have a precedence preference or hierarchy yet, so improper routing can happen.}}
====Enter/exit anywhere HOV====
To mark a segment for HOV use including the required number of passengers:
# Select the applicable road segment(s), see Warning above
# Click the '''{{Button|format=bold|bgcolor=#FCE5A1|Add restrictions''' }} button in the sidebar , and receive the first restriction popup. [[File:Restriction_first_popup.PNG‎|center|250px|border]]
# If no toll is required for the segment, then skip to step 5
# If a toll is required for all vehicles including HOV vehicles, then select the '''toll attribute''' in bottom left corner (ex. I-93 N's HOV / Express to Airport / S Station in Boston, MA),
# Click the '''add {{Button|format=bold|Add new''' }} button at the bottom of the appropriate direction ('''A>B''', '''B>A''', or '''TWO WAY''') on the popup screen.# Second restriction popup screen appears. [[File:Applies_to_box.PNG|center|500px|border]]# Select appropriate '''Left lane/Center lane/Right lane''' in the '''Applies to''' section . # Select '''HOV''' in the '''Applies to''' section. If locals call the lane one of the other options , then use that HOT/Express/Bus/etc, but one must be used and it should be consistent for the run of the road. May transition to another type if HOV changes to Express
# Select appropriate '''Days''' HOV restrictions apply
# Select appropriate '''Hours''' for time-based HOV or leave '''all day''' checked for 24-hr HOV lanes
# Ensure '''Every week''' is selected for normal use; Note '''Range''' can be used for planned time shifts between summer/winter or for holiday changes particularly on reversible segments
# '''Driving is _____ for'''[[File:Driving_is_allowed_for.PNG|center|500px|border]]
# Select '''allowed''' for HOV vehicles
# Click the '''{{Button|format=bold|bgcolor=#AAE2C0|style=border-radius:.95em;| +'''  }} on the green add restriction rule banner and a drop down menu will appear [[File:Requires Pass Veh Type Min Pass.PNG|center|500px|border]]
# Select '''Minimum passengers''' from the menu
# Default HOV allowance of '''At least 2 passengers''' appears[[File:Num_passengers_dropdown.PNG|center|500px|border]]# If more passengers are required to meet the HOV eligibility, then click the '''{{Button|format=bold|bgcolor=#AAE2C0|style=border-radius:.95em;|At least 2 passengers''' }} and select the appropriate number from a drop down menu that appears ('''At least 3 passengers''' or '''At least 4 passengers''')# If a transponder or tag is required to use the HOV for either certifying the appropriate number of people are present or to pay the toll, click the '''{{Button|format=bold|bgcolor=#AAE2C0|style=border-radius:.95em;| +'''  }} while remaining on the same restriction line and select '''Requires a pass'''# Default transponder of '''Sunpass''' is added to the restriction line[[File:Subscription_dropdown.PNG|center|500px|border]]# If another transponder is required, then click '''{{Button|format=bold|bgcolor=#AAE2C0|style=border-radius:.95em;|Sunpass''' }} and a drop down menu will appear with available companies, and passes# Select the applicable transponder company , pass, or permit # If a particular vehicle type is required to use the HOV lane, then click the '''{{Button|format=bold|bgcolor=#AAE2C0|style=border-radius:.95em;| +'''  }} while remaining on the same restriction line and select '''Vehicle type.'''# Default vehicle type '''Private''' is added to the restriction line[[File:Private HOV 3 EZPass.PNG|center|500px|border]]# If another type is required, then click '''{{Button|format=bold|bgcolor=#AAE2C0|style=border-radius:.95em;|Private''' }} and a drop down menu will appear with available vehicle types
# Select the applicable vehicle type
{{mbox|type=important|text= '''Note''' only private vehicle and taxi are currently available selections in the app{{as of|2017|11|lc=yes}}; you can add other allowed vehicle types motorcycles, bus, public transportation, but electric vehicle, etc for future compatibility. Waze Staff states that prohibited rules (eg for vehicle types not supported ) should not be added as a restriction if they may conflict with an allowed rule until we are notified that the programming is changedto handle such conflicts.}}# Click '''the {{Button|format=bold|Add''' }} button in bottom right corner
# Repeat for any additional HOV restrictions required for the segment(s) selected
# If the HOV lane is open to all traffic for the rest of day, then no other time restrictions are required (traffic travels in the same direction rest of the day)
#* Add the appropriate time restrictions for when the opposite direction is closed
#* While entering restrictions, remember there is often a transition time gap between traffic direction reversals to prevent collisions
# Click '''the {{Button|Save''' }} icon on the light blue waze Waze bar
{{mbox|type=important|text= '''Note''' be sure to add the '''Driving is Prohibited''' period(s) if a reversible lane does not allow traffic to prevent misrouting.}}