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restriction buttons
# Toll free restriction is enabled in second TBSR popup window
{{mbox|type=important|text= '''Note''' if there is not a restriction then {{button|format=bold|bgcolor=#FCE5A1white|style=border-radius:8px;|{{color|[[File:Hazard.png|25px]] Add restrictions|#636f76}}}} is shown; if there are TBSRs, then {{button|format=bold|bgcolor=#FCE5A1white|style=border-radius:8px;|{{color|[[File:Hazard.png|25px]] Edit restrictions (#)|#636f76}}}} is shown.}}
* Once a segment is marked as having the toll attribute on the first TBSR popup window, the toll attribute is displayed under the road segment name. You have to go to the TBSR to deselect the attribute.
To mark a segment for HOV use including the required number of passengers:
# Select the applicable road segment(s), see Warning above
# Click the {{Buttonbutton|format=bold|bgcolor=#FCE5A1white|style=border-radius:8px;|{{color|[[File:Hazard.png|25px]] Add restrictions|#636f76}}}} button in the sidebar, and receive the first restriction popup.
# If no toll is required for the segment, then skip to step 5
# Select the applicable road segment(s)
# Click the {{Buttonbutton|format=bold|bgcolor=#FCE5A1white|style=border-radius:8px;|{{color|[[File:Hazard.png|25px]] Add restrictions|#636f76}}Add restrictions}} button
# First restriction popup screen appears [[File:Restriction_first_popup.PNG‎|center|250px|border]]
# If no toll is required for HOV, then skip to step 6
# Select a segment that has a toll booth, transponder reader, or other tolling device
# Do not select a segment with the final toll booth, transponder reader, or other tolling device, unless at least one route does not have one previously marked
# Select '''{{button|format=bold|bgcolor=white|style=border-radius:8px;|{{color|[[File:Hazard.png|25px]] Add restrictions''' |#636f76}}}} (Time Based Segment Restrictions) on the left panel when the segment is selected
# Do not check the toll road attribute in the bottom left corner of the popup box; this prevents having toll free restrictions [[File:Restriction_first_popup.PNG‎|center|250px|border]]
# Select the appropriate direction ('''A>B''', '''B>A''', or '''TWO WAY''') on the popup screen