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Junction Style Guide/Interchange

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The highway/freeway segments before and after the junction should be named the same. The ramp segments should be named in accordance with the section on [[Road names#Exit|exit ramp names]]. In addition, if an exit carries a concurrent route away from the highway, for example a US route that was carried by an interstate up to the exit but splits off at the exit, that route designation should be added as an alternate name on all ramp segments that carry it.
=== {{Anchor|Wayfinders}}Complex exit ===
A complex exit is a junction where one or more exit ramps leave the highway, and the continuation of the highway is not obvious to drivers. Therefore, another instruction is needed for traffic continuing on the highway. This can be a "keep" or "continue" instruction. When mapping complex exits, the geometry should match the instruction given, so for "continue" instructions the geometry should be set up as described for exits in [[#Ramp geometry and complexity|ramp geometry and complexity]], and for keep instructions (i.e. most wayfinder exits), the geometry should be set up in the same way as a [[#Freeway fork geometry|freeway fork]]. For criteria and further details on mapping complex exits, see [[wayfinder]] and [[turn instruction override]].