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Detour Prevention Mechanisms

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The big detour penalty will be applied is meant to prevent waze from telling you to take a detour (off a series of segments leading off highway and then right back onto the same highway) which has on, even if it saves you a direct route alternative (an alternate route to the possible detour that stays on the highway)little time. The criteria listed below are the rules the Waze back end reportedly uses to check for detours and search for any alternative direct routes should only offer this kind of detour if it saves enough time to be "worth it"stay - when traffic is really stopped up on the same highway"direct" route.
A Waze does a few checks on an off-highway detour to see if it should be prevented. It checks the length of the '''possible detour''' is a series of segments in and checks to make sure the middle of a route road type changes and that appear to be a detour off a highway and then back onto the same name is not continuous with the highwayyou are detouring from. The last segment before It also checks that there is an '''alternate route''' that is direct - the possible detour and the first segment after the possible detour '''direct route''' must belong to the same "have a continuous road type group" as shown in and name continuity. Waze does not check how many turn, keep, or exit instructions are issued on any of the table belowpaths it checks.
Here are the checks Waze makes. For the sake of this discussion, a '''possible detour''' is one we are checking. A '''confirmed detour''' passes those checks. An '''alternate route''' is an alternative one we are checking to see if it is a detour or possible detour'''direct route'''. It begins immediately after the last segment before the If we have a '''possible confirmed detour''' and ends immediately before the first segment after the Possible Detour. If it meets the criteria below for there is a '''direct route, '''available, alternative, then waze will apply the alternate route is also a direct routebig detour penalty.
<ol style="list-style-type: upper-roman;"><li>'''Segments before and after the possible detour:''' The freeway/highway segments immediately before and immediately after the possible detour must share at least one street name among their primary and alternate names. Either segment may have the shared name as either a primary or an alternate name.</li>
<li>'''Confirmed detour:''' A confirmed detour is a a possible detour that meets all of these criteria:
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