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Detour Prevention Mechanisms

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Waze searches for the best route to the destination, depending on your navigation strategy. In Waze, this is either the whether you have chosen fastest route or the shortest route, as set in the app settings. Sometimes, it might find a promising route takes a detours from the most obvious, most direct, or otherwise most continuous route. These detours may involve taking side streets and , making a few extra turns , or taking an exit off a highway only to and then re-enter entering the same highway a short distance later. Unless the detours actually save a notable amount of time and are said to be "(or distance), they aren't worth itto drivers," and Waze shouldn't suggest them. Here are two cases where Waze should recognize recognizes a detour in the route and applies a penalty to prevent that detour unless it unless the detour actually does save a notable amount of saves enough time and is (or distance) to be "worth it."
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