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West Virginia/Major roads

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''If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask in the WV Google Hangout (WV GHO) or [[West_Virginia#Area_Managers|Private Message]] (PM) one of the State or Area Managers.''
==== WVDOT Road Types ====
On the WVDOT County Maps, each road type (Street, Unpaved, Off-Road) is shown on the map; use the following Road Types for each ''Roads and Roadway Features Surface Type'' shown on the map. Lock any segments with the Unpaved checkbox enabled or Off-road / Not maintained to L2.
===== Interstate =====
* Lock Level - L5 or higher
===== US Route =====
[[File:US Route.PNG]]
* Lock Level - L4 or higher
===== WV State Route =====
* Lock Level - L3 or higher
===== WV County Route =====
[[File:WV_County Route.PNG]]
* Lock Level - Depends on FC; L1 or higher
===== WV HARP Route =====
* Lock Level - L1
===== WV FANS Route =====
* Lock Level - Depends on FC; L2 or higher
===== WV State Park and Forest Route =====
* Lock Level - Depends on FC/Road Type; L1 or higher
===== US Forest Service Roads =====