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Updated from GHO to Discord. Added "US English" for language.
Click here for an [ Introduction to Map Editing Webinar]
=== WV GHO Discord ===
We have created a Google Hangout (GHO) channel on the Mid-Atlantic Server just for West Virginia. The GHO This channel is where you can go to interact and chat with fellow editors along with your Area and State Managers. It will give you good insight into the best practices and policies in regard to map editing plus give an easy, convenient way for editors to stay in touch, ask questions (''any questions, we all started at Rank #1 at some point''), request downlocks or review of your work and get Peer-to-Peer Mentoring. 
If you are editing in West Virginia and have not done so; please join us on the WV Editor Hangout. You can join easily with [ this link].
=== Waze Bot ===
Once you join, Type ''!wb help'' in the WV GHO. This will get you started with Wazebot (wb); Wazebot will send you some help. In a DM (Direct Message or conversation) window with the wazebot overlord:
: Say hello to the WazeBot. Then back in the WV GHO, type hello @xxxxx (where xxxx is your username. This procedure is necessary to let the bot know you're alive ;P No seriously, the above steps are required to authorize two-way communication between the bot and your own account.
Also you should set up the following:
: !wb setnickname xxxxxx
: !wb subscribe yyyyyyy
:: You can subscribe to multiple keywords, names, etc.
For example, if your waze editor name is ''pittsburgsteelersfaninwv'', you can set your nickname to be '''SteelersFan''' by using '''!wb setnickname SteelersFan'''. Then people can ping you by using @SteelersFan.
If your real name is ''Marcus Aurelius'', you can use '''!wb subscribe Marc''' and people can ping you by just using the work "Marc" and won't have to use the @ preface. You can also subscribe to other keywords such as downlock, mapraid, etc. Just continue to subscribe to the bot.
If some of the abbreviations and terms used are not clear, you can also use the wazebot to lookup terms for you. In a DM with wazebot, type '''!wb glossary [''word'']''' and the bot will send you some definitions.
If the notifications on your phone or computer get to be too much, in the WV GHO you can select the “3 dots” (circled in Blue), Select “Options” and turn off notifications if you do not want to be disturbed; Just uncheck the box.
'''Please do not modify/change any of the other options; they affect everyone.'''
[[File:GHO options.png]]
=== WME (Waze Map Editor) Settings ===
[[File:WME options.png]]
Choose "North America only" for the Environment and "US English" for the Language.
=== Add Ins and Scripts ===