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Detour Prevention Mechanisms

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;Detour :Any route used in place of the direct route.
;Alternate Route :What Waze compares a route to - when evaluating a detour route, the direct route is the evaluated alternative.
;Road Type Group Continuity :A '''Road type group continuity''' is when a set of continuous segments which all belong to the saem same road type group (see table below) have . '''Road Type Group Continuity. If type group '''discontinuity''' '''is when one of the segments in the set of continuous segments belongs to a different road type group, then (which changes the road type changes, there is a '''road type group discontinuity''').
;Name Continuity :A set of continuous segments which all share a name have name continuity. It doesn't matter whether the name is found as a primary or alternate name on any of the segments, as long as it is present in each. If one of the segments in this continuous set does not share the name shared by all the other segments, then there is a '''name discontinuity'''.