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Creating and editing road segments

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{{anchor|Toll Road|Tunnel|Unpaved}}Special Properties
* '''[[Headlights required]]''' - Select for segments with headlight use requirements (Level 4 required).
* '''Near a carpool/HOV/bus lane''' - Select for non-restricted lanes adjacent to HOV or carpool configured lanes. See [[Partial restrictions]] for more information on HOV or carpool lanes. {{Clear}}
* '''[[Road_types#Routing preference|Routing Road Type]]''' - Choices of -1, Neutral, +1 (Level 4 required). Raises or lowers the road type used in the routing server calculations. Only applicable to {{Street|Local Street}}, {{Primary Street|Primary Street}}, {{Minor Highway|Minor Highway}}, {{Major Highway|Major Highway}}, and {{Freeway|Freeway}}. {{Street|Local Street}} can only be raised (+1) since already the lowest priority of the main routable road types. Similarly {{Freeway|Freeway}} can only be lowered (-1) since already the highest priority of the main routable road types. Note {{Freeway|Freeway}} is automatically given +1 routing preference by WME after a segment is saved; but it has no effect since {{Freeway|Freeway}} is already the highest priority. Selecting this attribute locks the segment(s) for some editing attributes unless the editor is R4+. Should only be used with concurrence of the State Managers. A map comment is recommended to explain why this setting has been changed.
=====Road Direction=====