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Partial restrictions

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A '''partial restriction''' is entered on a segment or a turn restriction. A partial restriction is often referred to as a '''time-based restriction''' ('''TBR'''); specifically as a '''time-based segment restriction''' ('''TBSR''') or '''time-based turn restriction''' ('''TBTR'''). They are used to allow or to restrict certain vehicle types to be routed or prevented from routing on that segment or turn. The TBSR or TBTR means the segment or turn will tell the routing algorithm that some '''vehicle type(s)''' are forbidden or allowed on a segment or turn; or some or all vehicles are forbidden at '''certain times, or on certain days or dates''', or both; that certain special types of travel are allowed.
Note currently only private car, and taxi, motorcycle, and electric are allowed to be selected in the app; therefore restrictions preventing trucks or buses from a segment or turn do not have any effect in the app. Setting a segment to be a bus only segment will prevent any user from being routed and is the equivalent of a prohibited all private cars and taxi restriction.
Partial restrictions are often used for bus lanes, turns that are forbidden during rush hour, segments that change direction for morning and evening rush hour, bridges and ferries that are only available during the day, and roads that are closed in winter.
=== All turning traffic restricted at all times ===
Turns that are restricted to all traffic (all vehicle types) are set with '''turn arrows'''—the arrows that appear at the end of a selected segment. A restricted turn is indicated by a red arrow with a red ''do not'' sign next to it (upper lower left arrow in picture below). A TBTR is indicated by the yellow arrow (lower right arrow in picture below). A turn that is open (not restricted) '''to all traffic''' is indicated by a green arrow. Hover over either a green or A TBTR is indicated by the yellow arrow and with a grey box pops up with the turn instruction override selection, the turn restriction selection, and the difficult turn attribute selection yellow "do not" sign next to it (upper right arrow in the picture below)[[Global/Map_Editing_Quick-start_Guide#Junction_arrows|Turns]] [[Image:Lotsa turns.jpg]]
[[Image:Lotsa turns2.jpg]]
=== Scheduled turn restrictions ===