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Manual locks: Update "Risk" bullet point to respond to suggestions in forum thread
*''Exposure'' reflects the number of ranking editors likely to have editing access to the location. It is highest at large international airports and popular international destinations.
*''Risk'' is lowest the likelihood that an intentional construction (or omission) may be mistaken for simple, common constructionsan oversight. It Risk is highest greatest for complex constructions involving that involve subtle knowledge or difficult tradeoffs, or that appear to depart from common practice. Risk also accompanies constructions that may appear incorrect due to obsolete street-view data, inaccurate GPS Points, or out-of-date or misregistered aerial imagery. Sometimes even an ordinary red turn restriction may be at risk due to careless use of basemap editing tools. Risk may be mitigated somewhat reduced with the use of a [[Map comment|Map Comment]], but this is no guarantee of protection; some editors may not have their Map Comment layer enabled, and others relying on automated tools may not be looking.
*''Value'' is highest for popular and infrastructure-critical roads and destinations.
Balancing these tradeoffs may lead to manual locks that at first glance seem surprising. For example, the main street of a large but essentially rural town with few visits by editors may be locked at 5, while the main street of a major city subject to frequent closures due to parades and other events may be locked at 4.
When departing from regional locking standards, it is always useful to include a [[Map comment|Map Comment]] describing why the departure was necessary. Meanwhile, Map Comment or not, higher-ranking editors encountering a highly-locked construction should always attempt to understand it, perhaps contacting the apparent author, before using their rank to change it or lower its locks.