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** Working with WV LAM hippocampuslol to collect data from past flooding events to develop a resource for determining areas likely to flood with the intent to have a quicker response time for future flooding events. 
*  '''Wazeopedia primary contributions'''
** '''Contraflow reconfiguration''' ([[ proposed new page]])** '''Editing restrictions''' [[ page overhaul assistance]]** '''Editing restrictions''' [[ page update]proposal]** '''Rank template''' [[ updates]]** '''Junction Style Guide/Interchanges''' [[ guidance change]]** '''GLR roles''' [[ page feedback]]
* '''Ohio Turnpike Project'''
** Participated in project to map and track large Turnpike projects involving reconfiguring road into crossovers. Resulted in proposing a page for the Wazeopedia on contraflow reconfiguration and collaborating with other editors on ideas they had.