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=== {{@|Drawing}} ===
The Parking Lot Area (PLA) Place polygon should never be attached/snapped drawn to roadsinclude all parking spaces in the parking lot and the access lanes used to reach each parking space. To prevent creating overly complex polygons and unnecessary geometry points, small medians or other curbed areas may be overlapped by the polygon and not cut out by extra geometry points. Places snapped to roads are difficult to editFor multi-level garages, only the footprint of the structure should be outlined.
For planned Parking lots should never be attached, snapped or have their geometry extremely close to roads as this tends to make editing them difficult. Avoid including or touching any roads outside the parking features to be announced laterlot. If a lot spans both sides of a street (excluding Parking Lot Roads), itmust be mapped so '''s important that the shape of polygon does not overlap the street'''. This may require drawing the polygon be drawn lot as close as possible to separate places. ''If the lot is elevated above the actual shape of street and the parking lot, including actually covers the entry/exit location. Keeping in mind that for multi-level garagesstreet, only then the footprint of PLA may overlap the structure should be outlinedstreet as well.''
If a lot spans both sides of a street (not counting PLRs obviously), it must The entry/exit location should be mapped so '''added to the polygon does not overlap place and adjusted to the street'''appropriate location. The following are examples of Parking Lot Areas with sufficient and excessive detail: <center>{| class="wikitable"| style="background: red;"|[[File:Excessive_Detail. This may require drawing the lot as separate placesjpg|350px|thumb|center|Overly complex shape]]| style="background: lawngreen;"|[[File:Sufficient_Detail.jpg|350px|thumb|center|Accurate shape with sufficient detail]]|}<br /center>''If the lot is elevated above the street however, and the lot actually covers the street, then the PLA may overlap the street as well.''
For underground garages it is not important to draw the polygon to match the internal perimeter since there is no GPS signal underground. It is important that the polygon includes any above ground areas, and the underground areas near any entrances or exits in a single polygon. If a lot has more than one entrance/exit the polygon must be made to connect all the entrances and exits. You may use a PLR to show multiple entrances as well, allowing the routing to choose the best route to access the lot, just as an above ground lot is drawn. It is not important however to draw the polygon to the entire footprint of the garage. The accuracy of the entry point ([[Places#Setting_the_stop_point_for_a_Place|'''Setting the stop point''']]) is very important. {{Clear}}