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* If there is a cluster of URs and you can not figure out the root of the problem, consider leaving the URs open a little longer to see if another UR comes along to provide more information. This may allow you to solve them all or leave a map comment to track.
* Fix another issue in the area. While you may not have solved this issue, make sure we are always improving the map. A good practice is to make at least one improvement in the area (fix/add info to a place, update house numbers, add missing speed limits, etc) when marking a UR as Not Identified - this will help future proof the area.
* Special consideration should be given to URs that have comments, a problem identified, or reasonable Waze routes and/or user traces. In these cases, clusters can potentially form with similar information and the issue can be solved using deductive reasoning. If, after XX days it's clear that the UR is an isolated incident with insufficient information, the UR can be closed as Not Identified. In these cases it's always wise to consult with a state manger for guidance.