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{{AM/Editor|OCStagetech|5|Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, and Imperial Counties.|Dabbler of all, master of none|badge1=AM}}
{{AM/Editor|JoshJMM|5|Travis AFB Fairfield|CO Resident CO/NM SM|badge1=sm|badge2=am}}
{{AM/Editor|juliansean|5|Sierra Nevada|Texas SM|badge1=sm|badge2=am}}
{{AM/Editor|ialangford|5|Los Angeles|Also AM in NYC and SM of SC|badge1=sm}}
{{AM/Editor|SpencerFG|4|Central Coast|Bay Area to LA as EA permits. Also Virginia LAM|badge1=AM}}
{{AM/Editor|GizmoMDK|4|North Monterey County|I like to help out wherever I can|badge1=AM}}
{{AM/Editor|abc1357|4|San Francisco Bay Area|badge1=AM}}
{{AM/Editor|Chucksways|4|Silicon Valley|Also Colorado AM|badge1=AM}}
{{AM/Editor|Nagamasa|3|North Bay Area - Sacramento|badge1=AM}}
{{AM/Editor|ababcock|3|Sacramento area|badge1=AM}}
{{AM/Editor|geopgeop|3|Most of the Bay Area|Also AM for Las Vegas|badge1=AM}}
{{AM/Editor|SJK123|3|East Garrison, Salinas and Monterey|badge1=AM}}
{{AM/Editor|SunDevil2213|3|Riverside County|badge1=AM|AM and active in Phoenix, AZ area, Also AM Sonora, Mexico}}