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Map Editor Interface and Controls

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Begin at []. Choose the correct part of the world from the [[#Top Bar|top bar]].
[[File:Wme login splash screenWME SplashLogin.png|thumb|Wme login splash screenWME SplashLogin.png]]
Either log in or choose practice Mode.
===Practice Mode===
From the splash screen, click "practice mode". You can try out most of the features of the Waze Map Editor. WME chat will not be available. You cannot respond to map Update Requests. The edit count will not go up, and you will not be able to save.
==Map Editor Layout==
{{NeedImage|The main screen has changed a little and these images need to be updated. See the message at the top of the page for more information.}}
There are five main areas of the Map Editor:
# [[#Bottom Bar|Bottom Bar]]</div>
[[File:wme whole window blankMap Editor2018 .jpgpng |700px]]
===Top Bar===
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* The very top-right corner of the window has two important drop-down menus:
** Language: The language you want the editor interface to display
===Map Editor Tool Bar===
[[File:wme_top_toolbarWME Top Bar 2018.png|700px]] At the top of the Waze Map Editor you will see the main toolbar. It includes the primary control buttons for the editor.====Map Edit Mode====The furthest left drop down is for Map Edit Mode. This can be set as Map Editor or Event Mode. The Map Editor is where you'll spend most of your time. The event mode is explained further later on but is used for specific events such as parades.
At the top of the Waze Map Editor you will see the main tool bar. It includes the primary control buttons for the editor.
====Search box====
[[File:wme31 757 mohawk columbus oh search resultsWME SearchBar 2018.jpgpng|left|300px]]
In the wide search box, you can enter an address, city, state, country, landmark, point of interest, or a combination of those. After hitting Enter or clicking the Find button, you will either be taken to the only result or be given a list of matches from which to select.
For example, entering "757 Mohawk St, Columbus, OH" (''image on the left'') will center the map and drop a search marker directly on that address.
[[File:wme31 main st newyork search resultsWME NewYork Search 2018.jpgpng|right]]
However, searching for "main st, new york" (''image on the right'') is less specific and therefore, will give you a list of matches from which to select.
{{further|Map comment}}
Editors can now place comments to other editors directly in WME. Use this button to add an area or point comment.
[[File:AddMapCommentWME MapComment 2018.png|left]] Hover over this button to choose the point [[File:PointWME MapCommentPoint 2018.png]] or area [[File:AreaWME MapCommentArea 2018.png]] button to add the comment. Use the to add information about the comment.
===={{anchor|Draw Menu}}Draw places menu====