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Map Editor Interface and Controls

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# [[#Top Bar|Top Bar]]
# [[#Map Editor Tool Bar|Toolbar]]
# [[#Left Pane|Left Pane]]
# [[#Bottom Bar|Bottom Bar]]</div>
[[File:Map Editor2018 editor 2018 a.png PNG| 700px]]===Top Bar===--[[User:Mvan231|Mvan231]] ([[User talk:Mvan231|talk]]) 04:08, 24 March 2018 (UTC)(Suggest to remove this section as no longer relevant)* The very top-right corner of the window has two important drop-down menus:** Language: The language you want the editor interface to display<br />** Where in the World: Select whether you are editing in Israel, US & Canada, or the rest of the World
===Map Editor Tool Bar===
[[File:WME Top Bar 2018.png|700px]]
At the top of the Waze Map Editor you will see the main toolbar. It includes the primary control buttons for the editor.