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Map Editor Interface and Controls

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====Draw segments menu====
[[File:Wme roadsmenu 2018.png|left]] [[Shortcut keys]]: {{key press|<code>I</code>}} or {{key press|O}}
Hover over this button to choose between road types: road, [[Road_types#Walking_Trails|pedestrian path ]] (not used presentlyfor all walking trails), roundabout, camera, or [[Junction box|junction box]] (JB - Only for Level 5+ editors at this time). View this [[Edits_to_avoid#Red_roads_.C2.A0.C2.A0|<span style="color:red"><big>page</big></span>]] on how to not creat red roads (errors exist in segment).
[[File:Wme singlesegment 2018.png|border|81x81px]][[File:Wme ped-path 2018.png|border|135x135px]][[File:Wme roundabout 2018.png|border|134x134px]][[File:Wme camera 2018.png|border|113x113px]][[File:Wme_junctionbox_2018.png|border|157x157px]]
See the [[Map_Editing_Quick-start_Guide|Editing Manual Quick Start Guide]] for more information.
====Save Buttonbutton====
[[File:wme_button_save.png|left]] [[File:wme_button_save_pending_red.png]] Shortcut key: {{key press|Ctrl|S}}
The Save button serves two purposes: 1) it displays the current number of changes pending to be saved, and 2) when clicked, it saves all the current changes you have made.
As you make changes, the counter in the Save button increases. The number Pending changes are shown in the icon is shown to red as a warning that many unsaved changes may be difficult to save if there blue superscript box. Note saving frequently is a single error among most strongly encouraged since one mistake will prevent all the changesothers from saving. (This counter is the number of changes you've made which can be undone, NOT the number of edits you get credit for.)
When the save button is clicked (or the shortcut key used)is clicked, the editor saves then Waze checks all of the current changes you have made. This process is pending edits with a little more complex than this sounds, but that is what it doesregression checker. In order to save properly, your browser receives messages back from If there are no problems the Waze server edits are saved and will appear in the event of any errorsapp after the next tile update. If there is are problems, then you will get an error when saving, message and may be taken to the editor problem segment or place. If there are multiple problems you will try just get an error message. You might have to give undo edits till you a detailed have removed the error message if you can't find it and a suggestion to fix it. The map view will typically try This is why it is recommended to show the error area highlighted in a bright circlenot have too many pending edits when you save as you start.
''Once the save operation completes successfully, you cannot Undo previous changes with the Undo button.''
====Undo Buttonbutton====
[[File:wme_button_undo.png|left]] Shortcut key: {{key press|Ctrl|Z}}
The Undo button will undo '''the most recent unsaved''' successive previous changes change with each click.
{{mbox|type=important|text=IMPORTANT: Once the Save button is clicked and the save operation is complete, the Undo button has no affect on previous changes.}}
====Redo Buttonbutton====
[[File:wme_button_redo.png|left]] Shortcut key: {{key press|Ctrl|Shift|Z}}
The Redo button will re-apply any changes which have been recently the most recent save that was undone with the Undo buttoneach click.
==== Layers ====
{{NeedImage|The layers selection menu has changed in layout order and these images need to be updated. See the message at the top of the page for more information.}}
[[File:wme_layers_expanded.png|right|border]][[File:layers.png]] Hover over or click the three stacked papers to show the layers available for display on the main map. When the box next to the layer name is checked, then that layer is active and being displayed. There is a default [[Keyboard shortcuts|shortcut key]] defined for each layer, and to make it easy to remember, with two exceptions: The shortcut is {{key press|shift|{{color|X|lightgray}}}} (first letter of the layer name). The two exceptions are the satellite/aerial imagery, which uses the letter {{key press|<code>I</code>}} as the shortcut key for '''I'''magery, and Places which uses the letter {{key press|L}} because it was previously called '''L'''andmarks.