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Map Editor Interface and Controls

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====Save button====
[[File:wme_button_saveMap save 2018.pngPNG|left]] [[File:wme_button_save_pending_redMap save action 2018.pngPNG]] Shortcut key: {{key press|Ctrl|S}}
The Save button serves two purposes: 1) it displays the current number of changes pending to be saved, and 2) when clicked, it saves all the current changes you have made.
====Undo button====
[[File:wme_button_undoMap undo 2018.pngPNG|left]] Shortcut key: {{key press|Ctrl|Z}}
The Undo button will undo the most recent unsaved change with each click.
====Redo button====
[[File:wme_button_redoMap redo 2018.pngPNG|left]] Shortcut key: {{key press|Ctrl|Shift|Z}}
The Redo button will re-apply the most recent save that was undone with each click.
====Delete button====
[[File:wme_button_deleteMap trash 2018.pngPNG|left]] Shortcut key: '''Delete {{key press|Del}}'''
The Delete (trashcan) button will delete, or trash, any currently selected objects. If you have multiple objects selected, you will be prompted to confirm the multiple deletion. The only object you can currently multi-select is segments.