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====Search box====
[[File:WME SearchBar 2018.png|left|300px|border]]
In the wide search box, you can enter an address, city, state, country, landmark, point of interest, or a combination of those. After hitting Enter or clicking the Find button, you will either be taken to the only result or be given a list of matches (maximum of six) from which to select.
For example, entering "757 Mohawk St, Columbus, OH" (''image on the left'') will center the map and drop a search marker directly on that address.
[[File:WME NewYork Search 2018.png|right|border]]
However, searching for "main st, new york" (''image on the right'') is less specific and therefore, will give you a list of matches from which to select. The maximum number of results for this list will be six items.